The New York City Itinerary
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New York City Itinerary

My New York City Itinerary

When you talk about the United States, the cities that come to your mind are – New York City and Los Angeles. New York City is Gigantic with five huge boroughs. It’s nearly impossible to cover all the boroughs if you are on a vacation for a week or less. I will be sharing my New York City Itinerary with you all. 

NYC can be intimidating at times but in a sumptuous way. There is so much to see and so little time. When I visited the NYC for the first time, unfortunately had only three full days allotted for NYC. 

As a result, I have provided the Itinerary which I followed for the 3 full days and you can split it into more days as per your convenience considering the tips I have listed.  I utilized all 3 full days and it worked for my family as well as we knew what we enjoy and what we do not. For example, we completely skipped the museums because we didn’t have that much time and it wouldn’t do justice to the wonderful museums.

New York City Itinerary

Don't try to do everything!

There are enormous number of events happening in NYC and it becomes overwhelming for someone who visits for the first time to cover it all and not get tired at the same time. 

When I planned to go for the first time, I knew I didn’t want to fall prey to my enthusiasm and try to have it all. Whereas, I knew I would have to sacrifice few areas and sightseeing points. Because my aim was to live like a New Yorker.

Hence, I decided to book a typical NYC apartment in Manhattan on Airbnb and travel across the city like a New Yorker does. For this, I had convinced my parents that we would require to walk a lot and so wearing sports shoes/ walking shoes will be appropriate and essential to enjoy the City life.  

New York City Itinerary

Walk Walk and Walk

What should I say about New York City? The most important thing is that it would be the second place in the world where I would prefer settling down apart from Mumbai.

Admittedly, I still remember my apartment at the 10TH Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Times Square was just 10 minutes away from my house and it was the first place we visited.

Even though, I was there in New York City for 4 days, but we covered many places in 3 days. Only by walking and using Subway. There is no point of using cabs in NYC as there is a lot of traffic and at every avenue or street, there is traffic signal and cabs have to wait.

Listing down the spots which I feel one can cover with their family and are worth visiting. Use my New York Itinerary and customise for your self. To be honest, I did not purchase any pass as I wanted to explore at my own pace with my family and not abide by the timings and all. But yes, I did research about places and planned my visit to those specific places accordingly.

DAY 1 - New York City Itinerary

Times Square

New York Itinerary- Times Square
New York - Times Square
Times Square at Night

First Place in your New York City Itinerary has to be Times Square.

Timings : 24/7

Best Time to Visit: Best time to stroll around the Times Square is early morning. In fact, the crowd is considerably less, and you can have your own merry time adoring the skyscrapers and looking at the advertisements. Also, the area is very much lit 24/7. Certainly, It is also the centre of the Theatre district. 

P. S. : – I went to the Times Square at night too – to enjoy the lit vibe of NYC which we see in movies and imagine in our dreams. Do not miss doing a night tour of Times Square. 

Entry Fee: Free 

Address: Square in Midtown Manhattan. Broadway to 7th Avenue, 42nd and 47th Streets.

How to reach here: Nearest Subway station is 42nd Street – Times Square. Fastest way to reach is by Subway if you are travelling from uptown, downtown or Brooklyn.  On the contrary, if you are in Midtown itself, then walking till here will be the best idea by adoring the infrastructure. Use Citymapper to reach anywhere from anywhere in NYC. Download it on Android and IOS.

Things to do here: Madame Tussauds New York, M & M, National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, Ripley’s believe it or not, Broadway shows, etc. Or else just enjoy the grandeur of Times Square.

New York Itinerary- Bryant Park


January, February, April, October, November: DAILY 7AM–10PM, May  and December: DAILY  7AM-11PM, June-September :Monday-Friday: 7AM-MIDNIGHT, Saturday-Sunday: 7AM–11PM. March: Winter Village Operating : Daily 7AM- 10PM. After Winter Village closes : Daily 7AM- 8PM.      

Best Time to Visit: Check out the schedules of Bryant Park Site.  

Address: Bryant Park is located behind the New York Public Library in Midtown Manhattan. It is between 40thand 42nd Streets & 5th and 6th Avenues.                                                                                

How to reach here: You can take the B, D, F, or M train to 42nd Street/Bryant Park. More Information is available on the Citymapper Application. Particularly, you can walk from Times Square or Grand Central Terminal. 

New York Itinerary- Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal is a world-famous location and major transportation hub in Midtown Manhattan.  Remarkably, it is one of the most-visited destinations in New York City. It was opened for the public on 2nd February, 1913. Undoubtedly, the largest train station in the world with respect to the area occupied and the number of platforms. There is Apple store as well.

Timings: It is open for the public daily – from 5:30 am-2:00 am.

Entry Fee: Free

Address: 89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, United States.

Especially, it is at walkable distance from Times Square or Bryant Park. 

Flatiron Building

New York Itinerary- Flatiron Building

We added Flatiron Building in our New York City Itinerary spontaneously. Flatiron Building is a treat to the eyes when it comes to architecture. It is a right-angled triangle and measures only 6.5 feet (2 meters) at the narrow end. If viewed from above, then the pointed end of the structure is an acute angle of about 25 degrees.

Timings: You can visit Flatiron building anytime.

Entry Fee: Free 

Address: 175 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010, United States

How to reach here: Use Citymapper and check out the nearest subway station or walk to the building.

Things to do nearby: There is Madison Square Park to relax around. You can go to Eataly if you love Italian cuisine for Lunch.

Statue of Liberty

New York Itinerary- Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty – a gift given by the French to the United States. Originally, a copper coloured statue which has become green over the years.

Even though, Statue of Liberty tour is included in many of the tourist passes or packages. But, I would recommend booking the tickets 2 to 3 months prior from the official Statue Cruises website as they tend to get booked months before. Thus, Book tickets from the official website of Statue Cruises.

Timings: You can check out the Departure schedule on their site to plan your trip.

Entry Fee:

CROWN RESERVE TICKET – Adult: $22.25 | Senior 62+: $17 | Child 4-12: $12

PEDESTAL RESERVE TICKET– Adult: $19.25 | Senior 62+: $14 | Child 4-12: $9
Child (0-3): Free Admission

RESERVE TICKET– Adult: $19.25 | Senior 62+: $14 | Child 4-12: $9
Child (0-3): Free Admission

Best Time to Visit: Visit Keep 2 and half hours at least for the entire tour. Therefore, going in the morning is better so that you can be there till lunch. OR else, you can do the tour after lunch and be there till 5pm in the evening.

Address/ How to reach here: No matter where you are staying in NYC, just take a subway to Bowling Green station and walk to South Ferry Statue Cruises in the Battery Park. You can also opt for  taking a ferry from New Jersey. 

Your New York City Itinerary is incomplete.

Day 2 - New York City Itinerary

9/11 Memorial

New York Itinerary - 9/11 Memorial
New York Itinerary - 9/11 memorial

9/11 Memorial and Museum is made for honouring the people who lost their lives in the Twin Tower terrorist attack on the 11th September, 2001. 

Above all, the memorial is built by replacing the footprints of the twin towers.

Entry fee: The memorial is free to visit but the Museum entry fee costs around $24 for Adults, $18 for Senior citizens $15 for students.

Address: 180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, United States

Things to know about New York City
New York Itinerary - One World Observatory
One World Observatory
New York Itinerary- One World Observatory
New York Itinerary - One World Observatory

Unquestionably, you get a 360-degree panoramic view of the NYC from the 103rd floor of the One world Observatory building. No doubt, you can  see the skyline view from here or from the Empire State Building. But, I personally would recommend going to One world Observatory. Surprisingly, it takes you to the 103rd floor in 47 seconds and shows you a film about how New York City was formed over the years while you are in the elevator.

Best time to visit?

Subsequently, if you want good pictures, then you must reach at 11.30am or 11.45 am when the sunlight is in the right amount. For example, the pictures you can see above are clicked at 12/12.30pm in the afternoon. For this reason, at least keep 2 hours for the whole tour of One world Observatory.

How to book tickets?

One world Observatory tickets are available with many packages, but I recommend booking from Get Your Guide. They provide skip the line tickets, but you will have to stand in the security line irrespective from where you book tickets. Additionally, you will also have the option of skipping the elevator line. Check the details for that as well. 

This is why book your One world observatory ticket on Get Your Guide .Check the reviews and select a package suitable for your plan.

Address: One World Observatory Centre, 285 Fulton Street (Entrance on West Street), NY 10007.

Entry Fee: Depends on the offer you select on Get Your Guide. Costs roughly around $30 – $35 per head.

Wall street

New York Itinerary- Wall Street

Wall Street is an important part of the Financial District. The New York Stock Exchange, Trinity Church, Charging Bull, Federal Hall, First Capitol of USA, are few of the important sites to visit and see. 

Nearest Subway Station: Wall Street Subway Station. 

Entry Fee: Free

Please use Citymapper to reach Wall street from any part of the city. 


New York Itinerary - China Town

Chinatown is a neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan with Chinese Population and Chinese restaurants. In fact, there are many shops on the footpaths and lot of scope for bargaining. 

How to reach there?

Canal Street is the nearest Subway station to reach Chinatown. If you plan to do a tour through one of the local tours, then Canal street is also one of the major bus stops for buses going out of NYC. 

Little Italy

New York Itinerary- Little Italy

We had lunch at Chinatown, and started our journey north and crossed this lovely neighbourhood known as ” Little Italy“. It is crowded with tourists and with restaurants and bars which are really old and authentic serving Italian cuisine. However, apart from food, Little Italy is also famous for the Mulberry Street and shopping. 

Address: 10013 

P.S. : Do not miss having Ice-cream at the Ferrara Bakery and Cafe

“Friends” apartment Building

New York Itinerary - Friends Apartment

Friends Apartment Building – Bedford Street

Who isn’t a fan of the 90’s Friends series? I think every generation today has watched “Friends“. When I knew that I would be visiting New York City, the first place that came to my mind was the friends apartment. 

Furthermore, the Building is the same. Identically, there is a cafe but it is not Central Perk, obviously. In addition, the apartment is not situated there, but the vibe is there. Nevertheless, every fan who poses in front of the building knows it, but will still pose with the feeling that the cast must be inside, doing their regular chores.  

How to get there?

Go to Citymapper Application and you can get the directions from where ever you are in NYC.

Chelsea Market

New York Itinerary- Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is a food hall and a shopping mall. Along with that ,there are many restaurants or cafes inside and it works as a food court as well. Moreover, also is an office building. 

Timing: Sundays- 8am to 10pm and from Monday to Saturday- 7am to 2am.

Address and How to reach:


The Highline is a floating promenade and is very famous architectural creation in many cities.

Address: New York, NY 10011, United States 

Timings: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in winter, 7 am to 10 p.m. in spring and fall, and 7am until 11 p.m. in summer. 

There are eleven entrances. Five entrances are accessible to people with disabilities. It is a 20 minutes walk approximately.

Day 3 - New York City Itinerary

Central Park

Central Park is located between the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Central Park Zoo, The pond and Gapstow Bridge, The lake, and many more attractions to experience in Central Park.

Moreover, Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States.

To get more details about the Central Park and about the tours click here.

Timings: Daily – 6am to 1am. 

If you visit New York City, you might also like to visit Niagara Falls. 

Read about it here :  Niagara Falls In-Depth Tour

Washington Square Park

New York Itinerary- Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is located in the Greenwich Village. In comparison, it is smaller than Central Park but it is as occupied by public and tourists as Central Park is. Besides, people from various areas come here to chill and relax. As a result, tourists sit here and enjoy the ambience and environment while locals read books, sip coffees, hang out with friends, etc. Subsequently, there are musicians performing and they make the park’s vibe pleasant and happening. 

Address: New York, NY 10012, United States

Timings: The park is open for 24 hours but it is better if nobody stays inside during midnight. 

Brooklyn Bridge

New York Itinerary- Brooklyn Bridge

We took subway and got down at Brooklyn Bridge – City hall Station and came walking towards the Brooklyn bridge. As we went during the sunset, we experienced the game of lights falling on the skyscrapers and actually saw the golden hour. You can see the shadows and lights in the photograph above. Certainly, one of the most used location for Bollywood and Hollywood film shooting.  

Whereas, there is Manhattan bridge adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge. After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, when you reach Brooklyn, you can go to DUMBO area by following the google maps or use Citymapper Application.

Exchange Place, Jersey City

first time travel to the US

Exchange Place in New Jersey – gives the view of the Big Apple from the other side. Since, we left from the Brooklyn Bridge hence fortunately there was sunlight around 8.30pm in June. Literally, rushing towards Exchange place, because New York Sightseeing is incomplete without viewing it from another perspective. Above all, we reached Exchange place in literally 2 min from Path station. No doubt, it was a fabulous experience. Just as you come out of the Exchange place station, take a left and it is right there. 

Best time to visit: To see the day light and lit up Big Apple, you can go in the evening to experience the best of both worlds. Therefore, you can see the daylgiht, sunset and night lights. 

The Oculus

New York Itinerary- Oculus

The World Trade Centre transportation hub is a symbol of grandeur. For instance, it has a shopping mall and is also known as the Main station house. Oculus connects with the two transportation facilities of the Path Station and the Fulton Centre. 

Address: New York, NY 10007, United States

It is located in the World Trade Centre Complex near the financial district.

For more information about the New York City – Click here.

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